how to manifest in a journalIf you’ve read our manifestation guide, you’re probably itching to get started on your manifesting journey right away. You’re going to need somewhere to write down your desires so that you can focus on them. You need to learn how to manifest in a journal!

The 369 manifestation method is probably the most widely used, and for good reasons – this is a powerful technique to start working towards the life you deserve.

It’s pretty straightforward, but still, you should be prepared before you start to make sure you’re applying the correct method. Failing to do so might mean missing out on all the benefits that come from this incredible manifesting method. Your best bet is to get yourself a 369 manifestation journal.

You have many options when it comes to creating a manifesting journal. Some people try to download blank journal pages that they can print themselves. Personally, I wouldn’t recommend this.

You’ll end up with loose pages all over the place. Good luck focussing on your desires if you can’t even find them. In my experience, you’re much better off with a dedicated journal for the job. That way you know exactly where everything is when you need to find it in a hurry!

My friends and I have really been enjoying using these semi-personalized 369-manifestation journals (see below!) for all of our manifesting. You can find them on Amazon (or use this super-simple gallery we’ve put together for you!).

These manifestation journals are straight to the pint with no fluff taking up your precious pages of manifestation space. You can get started right away manifesting the future you desire.

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How to start a manifestation journal

1. Think about what you truly want to manifest before you begin.

Imagine if you were going on a journey but hadn’t decided on your destination… how would you know when your journey had ended? It’s super important to get what you want clear in your mind before you begin manifesting. That way you can focus on it exclusively while you’re journaling and, more importantly, you’ll know when your efforts have worked!

Be as specific as you can. Don’t just think “I want a new job”. Define your goals precisely. Something more like “I want to work as a ____ and will accept a salary of no less than ____”. This will help you really focus!

2. Picture yourself already in possession of what you most truly desire.

This is called future pacing, and it’s normally used by marketers to get you to buy things! But you can just as easily use this method on yourself. Instead of just wanting something, start to imagine how you would feel if you already had it. Start behaving as if your biggest dream had already come true. In doing so, you can create energetic vibrations that send positivity into the universe… and the universe will listen if you are ready to receive.

This method can also put you in the correct frame of mind for whenever your dreams do come true through 369 manifestations.

3. Try to understand your self-limiting beliefs.

While it might seem strange to talk about negative thoughts when describing how to start a manifestation journal, it’s important to know ahead of time what your self-doubts will be. Write them down (we recommend not writing them in your 369 manifestation journal – this should be a positive vibes only place!).

Once you have them written down, beside them write what you’re going to do when you have them. This could be thinking positive thoughts, going for a walk… anything really. Just have a plan so you know what to do when the time comes!

How to start a 369 manifestation journal.

The 369 method is a fairly easy manifestation method that is suited to both beginners and more experienced manifestation practitioners.

  • Here’s what you need to do: Simply decide what it is you most desire
  • Write it in your manifestation journal three times first thing in the morning.
  • Write it in your manifestation journal six times in the afternoon.
  • Write it in your manifestation journal nine times before you go to bed.

There you have it… 3 6 9 manifestation couldn’t be any simpler!

Some tips for getting started with your new 369 manifestation journal:

When you’re first getting started, keep your affirmations simple.

While it might seem tempting to reach for the stars on your first attempt, we recommend keeping things simple… at least until you get the feel for 369 manifestation.

Get a feel for when is the best time for you to write, and practice coming up with super-specific affirmations that you can write in your 369 manifestation journal.

If you start manifesting small affirmations at first, you’ll gain more confidence when you start to go for the big ones! You’ll know exactly what to do when the time comes, and you’ll know you can manifest anything you want in life. 

Continuing to imagine your new future life is essential if you want to truly get there. Tap into the positive energy of the universe, align your vibrations with that energy, and feel all of the positivity come to you in abundance!

Good luck, and happy manifesting!

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