1. What is Manifesting?

Manifesting is a term used in the spiritual world to describe the process of removing obstacles and controlling events. This inner process of becoming more powerful, wiser, and enlightened can be achieved through a combination of techniques that promise results.

Manifesting is a process used to remove obstacles, control events, and get into the higher consciousness. It is best described as a way of achieving or obtaining things you desire by using techniques that promise results. There are many different methods for manifesting but the three most common are mindfulness meditation, journalling, and visualizations. 

These methods work on your subconscious mind to help you create what you want on a conscious level; they accomplish this by creating patterns in your subconscious mind that will then influence your conscious mind (however you wish to perceive it).

what is manifesting?

2. Manifesting Affirmations

The first step in manifesting is to identify what you want. This can be a spiritual or physical manifestation. What does your job/ambition/dream mean to you? What does your ideal relationship with someone mean to you? What do you want for yourself? What would make your life better, more fulfilling, and more enjoyable? It might take years for you to achieve what you want. Manifesting is not about an overnight miracle. It’s about taking action, and going after something that matters deeply to you.

3. Manifesting Love

One of the most common reasons people use the power of manifesting is for the purpose of manifesting love. The other common “uses” of manifesting being manifesting a job and simply manifesting what you want (see below).

The idea behind it is that it involves both a physical and mental manifestation of your desires. This creates a positive feedback loop that keeps you motivated to keep pursuing your goals. The idea is to talk about the process internally as if it were an actual thing, so that your brain believes that it is real. In doing so, you start to behave as though you already have love, which in turn makes it more likely you will actually find love through manifesting.

But how do we actually do this?

manifesting love

But how do we actually do this?

Let’s take an example of manifesting love: I want to find the perfect partner but I think I’m ‘too lazy’ or ‘too unattractive’ to get them. So, I start to change my behaviour so that I go out more, take better care of myself, dress nicer etc., to try to be more like the sort of person who would find the partner of their dreams. More importantly, I start to love myself, and to believe that I deserve to find the partner of my dreams. This is manifesting love.

It’s kind of like creating a blueprint for your goals; this helps keep you focused and motivated on reaching those goals no matter where life takes you next!

Manifestation isn’t any specific method or process but rather the act of doing certain things for yourself; essentially what’s happening is you are trying multiple methods on yourself until you find one that works best for you as far as these methods go (I’m going to call them “methods”).

Manifestation can be applied in a variety of ways; some people use creative writing or art while others use their own abilities like music or dance rather than writing or drawing. Some people believe they need someone else’s help while others believe they can do anything on their own! Maybe there are other methods out there too! 

These examples aren’t meant to be exhaustive, but instead merely represent some ideas/methods that may be helpful/useful for some people when trying different techniques/methods in order to find one method that works best for them at this point in time. In other words, if you’re starting from scratch with everything listed here then some of these methods might not apply, but hopefully some are helpful for you.

4. Manifesting A Job

This is really to similar to manifesting love. Simply start thinking and behaving like the employee you want to be. Write down what job you want and how you would think and behave if you had that job. Manifest your desires by creating a Manifestation Board, and check off the things you’ve already done and the things that you want to do in the future. Don’t worry about whether it will work out, just make a list of what you want, and then begin to create a plan for how to get them.

Create habits based around your new identity. Instead of just going through the motions and hoping that something happens, if you put some effort into it and focus on what works best for you (which is often different from what others would expect), then manifesting becomes an actual way of life.

manifesting what you want

5. Manifesting What You Want

There are many different ways to manifest your goals. The most popular is known as the Law of Attraction (Side note – a common question you’ll often hear is what is manifesting vs Law of Attraction… they’re pretty much the same thing!).

As outlined in the two sections above about manifesting love and manifesting a job, the most effective approach for achieving what you want is not just relying on force and nature. It is as simple as writing down your thoughts, beliefs and desires in a journal every day and living out those thoughts.

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I have been using this method for years, and it has worked wonders for me. I’m sure that you can do it too. Here are some pointers…

5.1. How to begin manifesting your goals

Manifesting is attracting things to yourself, and can be as active or passive as you decide to make it. There are several things you can do to begin manifesting your goals, including setting goals for yourself, knowing what your ideal life is and how it looks, identifying your beliefs about how the universe works, having faith that you can achieve your goals, and taking action on a daily basis. These steps will help you get on the right path in order to achieve goals that are important to you.

5.2 Why goal prioritization is important

It’s crucial to place your goals in order of importance. Make a list of all your goals, and then create a priority list. Based on what you make as the top priorities, start working on those while keeping an eye on the other ones too. Goal setting is a crucial first step toward manifestation.

5.3 Four steps for effective goal setting

Step 1: Write down your objective in simple terms.

Step 2: Write at least one goal statement below your objective.

Step 3: Take a moment to reflect on each goal statement and consider how you might achieve this goal.

Step 4: Spend a few minutes listing the tasks you will have to complete to achieve your goals (check off if you have completed this task).


6. Manifesting Examples

Manifesting is the process of choosing a specific goal, or a series of goals, that you want to have achieved. The process isn’t easy and it doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time, effort and consistency to pursue big goals! In any case, here are some examples of manifestation methods you can use to get the life you desire!

6.1 – 369 Manifestation Method

The numbers 3, 6, and 9 are thought to be sacred in numerology. For that reason, these numbers are used in a popular manifestation exercise called 369 manifesting. There are several ways to use this method. 

One is to write down three affirmations, repeat them six times a day, and spend nine seconds thinking about your wants as a way to manifest them. Another is to write down your manifestation three times in the morning, six times in the afternoon, and nine times in the evening.

6.2 – 5×55 Manifestation Examples

Wishing to manifest something? Try writing it down using the 5 x 55 manifesting method. Write your desire down 55 times a day for 5 days straight. Focus on the desire so much that you don’t even have time to think about other things!

6.3 – 10-10-10 Manifestation

A powerful manifestation technique is the 10-10-10 practice. It involves writing three lists, one of your 10 biggest desires, second of your 10 greatest gratitudes, and finally 10 things that you are enjoying. This practice is great for creating a positive mindset for yourself!

6.4 – Water Manifesting

Manifesting with water only takes around three minutes to complete. You will need two cups, one filled with water and the other left empty. Label the cup filled with water with what you have now (say, $10) and label the empty cup with what you want (say, $1 million). First, hold the cup that represents your current reality. Then, focus on the emotion of already achieving your desired outcome. Pour the water of your new reality into the empty cup and drink it while keeping your desired result in mind.

6.5 – Manifesting with Sigils

Sigil manifestation uses symbols, which are images and words written on paper in a very specific way. These images and words have a great power to harness your willpower and positive energy into action. To create a sigil, first write out your affirmation. Then cross out any vowels. Then rewrite it and cross out repeating letters. Make a numerical chart, find the numbers that correspond with the remaining letters, and create a number circle. You have created a sigil for manifestation!

6.6 – Manifestation Journaling Prompts

There are many ways to manifest a goal. One simple way is to write about it in a journal. This technique is often used by dating coaches, as they need to know what their clients want. They write everything down, from the things they’ve done wrong in the past to what they want in the future, and focus on the positive parts of their lives.

There are many different prompts you can use to start your manifestation journal.

6.8 – Manifesting Mantras

You can use mantras to manifest your goals. A mantra helps you focus and generate positive energy. Whenever you’re meditating, a mantra is a great way to center yourself and ground your mind. It helps you focus on what you want.

6.9 – Manifesting Love with Love Affirmations

It is believed that you should repeat a love affirmation out loud or in your head 21 times to truly believe it and make it happen. The repetition of a love affirmation can change your inner beliefs about yourself, creating a positive energy for the universe to reward.

This post has covered the basics of manifesting to help you manifest love, manifest a new job, or manifest any other improvement you would like to make to your life. Just remember that manifesting takes some time to work. It isn’t an overnight fix, and it’s not a miracle cure for your problems.

Wishing you all the best!